Terms & Conditions

  1. Purpose

    These Policies & Procedures (the “P&P”) spell out the rights and obligations between Limo plus International (Pvt)Ltd (the “Company”) and its Sales Executives (“SE”). Representative Application Form that is accepted by the Company and the Compensation Plan together govern the total contractual relationship between the Company and its Executives.

  2. Definitions

    “Agreement” means the completed online Representative Application Form that was submitted by an Executive and subsequently accepted by the Company. “Anniversary Date” means the anniversary of the date on which a SE was accepted as a Representative. “Registration Fee” Means the non refundable one time fee a SE or a customer Has to pay at each online registration as the administrational cost. “Commission Plan” means the Limo plus Marketing and Compensation Plan where a SE can earn commissions /bonuses based on his/her sales of Limo plus products and services. “My commission History” means a periodic statement issued by the Company to its SE’S that lists the value of commissions and/or bonuses each Representative has earned within the relevant period. “Customer” or “Retail Customer” means a person who purchases the Company’s products but does not register as a SE. “Down line” means the Limo account or the Customers/Executive below a specific Account or Representative respectively in the Genealogy as the context requires. “Genealogy” means the relationship or relative positioning of Limo Account in the Company’s database. “Products” mean any products including services, unless the context otherwise requires. “My Dash Board” means record inside the Company’s system. Each SE has his/her own Dash board. “Sales Executive” or “SE” means a person who has enrolled to build a business organization by selling products and referring others. “Limo Identification number” (“LIMO No.”) means the Identification number that the Company assigns to a SE when the Company accepts that person as its Representative. It is a unique number for each SE and will be used to identify that Representative through his/her LIMO NO. for the relationship with the Company. “Referrer” means an SE who refers Retail Customers or prospective Sales Executives to Limo Plus International. “Social Media Policy” means the Company’s policy and guidelines on how SE’s can discuss and promote their business on social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc. “Limo Account” means a position in the Company’s database. Commissions and/or bonuses are calculated with reference to each Account. “Upline” means the Accounts or SEs above a specific Account or SE respectively in the Genealogy as the context requires.

    1. Sales Executive

      How to become a Sales Executive

      1. Be of legal age in the state, territory or country of your domicile;

      2. Have a Referrer;

      3. Complete the online Application Form by providing true and accurate information about yourself on the official website of the Company;

      4. Purchase an product or Service the price of which includes the first year Annual Fee, which is payable by SE upon joining.

    2. Acceptance

      The applicant will only be an Executive if his/her application is received and accepted by the Company. The Company has the right to accept or decline any application at its sole discretion. In the case of rejection, a notice will be given to the applicant with a complete refund including those listed in sub-clause 3.1.4

    3. Fictitious or assumed name

      A person or entity may not apply as a SE using a fictitious or assumed name.

    4. Return Policy

      Customers and/or Representatives are hereby notified that Products are subject to the return policy, applicable as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions found online.

  3. Appointment
    1. SE Status

      Once the Company accepts an applicant’s Representative Application Form, the Company will grant to the applicant a SE status within the Compensation Plan by sending to him/her an online notice and thereafter the applicant becomes a SE. The Company will give the SE a LIMO Identification Number. The Representative shall include his/her Representative Identification Number in all his/her orders and correspondences with the Company.

    2. Rescind

      The Company reserves the right to rescind the said acceptance at its sole discretion within Ninety (90) days after receipt of the application. Upon rescission of the acceptance, the Company shall give notice to the applicant to notify him/her of the rescission. However, the Company is not obliged to give any reason to the applicant for the Company’s decision to rescind.

    3. Renewal and Termination
      1. The appointment of a SE is for a term of one (1) calendar year only. A

        SE must renew his/her Representative ship annually by paying the admin fee on or before the Anniversary Date. Subject to any relevant requirements under the Compensation Plan representative has the right to renew the Agreement by paying the non-refundable Annual Fee on or before the Anniversary Date. If a SE fails to renew the Agreement on or before the Anniversary Date, she/he will thereafter have a grace period of thirty (30) days to pay the Annual Fee. If the Annual Fee is paid within the thirty (30) days, she/he will be deemed to have renewed his/her Agreement on his/her Anniversary Date in that year.

      2. If a SE does not renew his/her Representative ship as stipulated in clause 4.3.1 above, his/her Representative ship shall become non-renewed. A non-renewed SE is subject to termination at any times at the discretion of the Company. Once a Representative ship becomes non-renewed or is terminated, the SE concerned shall not be entitled to enjoy any SE rights provided for in this P&P save and except the credit accrued in his/her Limo Account prior to the non-renewal.

    4. Maintenance of Non-renewed/Terminated SE’s Limo Account
      1. The Company reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee to maintain a non renewed/terminated SE Limo Account. This maintenance fee shall be a standard amount chargeable on a monthly basis through the Limo system.

      2. The maintenance fee will be charged regardless of the amount of balance or credit left in the non-renewed/terminated Limo Account until the said Limo Account is zeroed. If the SE ship in respect of the Limo Account has been non-renewed/terminated for 3seven (7) years and above, the credit or balance left in the said Limo Account may be forfeited in total to the Company.

      3. The maintenance fee will be deducted from any balance in the relevant non-renewed/terminated SE’s Limo Account and will be shown in the relevant non-renewed/terminated SE’s Limo Account report/statement.

      4. The Company reserves the right to amend the non-renewed/terminated SE’s maintenance fee from time to time and at any time without prior notice to the SE.

    5. No right to represent Company

      A Representative is not a franchisee, partner, employee, agent or executive of the Company.

      She/he has no right to, and shall not, represent himself/herself as such. The relationship between a Representative and the Company is wholly governed by this P&P. Any breach of this clause on the part of the Representative is a serious breach of the P&P and may result in the immediate termination of his/her Representative ship.

    6. Non-employee

      As a Representative is not an employee of the Company, any costs she/he incurs in the development of his/her business are at his/her own expenses. She/he shall not be entitled to seek reimbursement from the Company.

    7. Claim of workmen’s compensation

      Similarly, the Company is not responsible for payment or co-payment of any employee benefits for its Representatives. Representatives are responsible for their own liability, health, disability and workmen’s compensation insurance, etc.

  4. Representative’s Rights and Obligations
    1. Non-exclusivity

      A Representative has a non-exclusive right to market and promote products of the Company.

      There are no geographical limitations existing on the referring or selling country provided. However that the Company reserves the right not to sell products or services in any states, territories or countries.

    2. Right to refer

      Only a SE has a right to refer Customers and/or refer another new Representative to the Company.

    3. Rights to Company literatures and communication, etc.; Rights to participate in Company functions

      SE may receive periodic literature and other communication from the Company. They will also be invited to, and upon payment of appropriate charges if applicable, participate in Company-sponsored support, service, training, motivational and recognition functions. They may also be invited to participate in promotional and incentive contests and programs sponsored by the Company for its Representatives.

    4. No right to represent the Company as an agent or an employee

      A SE has no right to negotiate or conclude any contract on behalf of the Company. Nor shall s/he hold himself/herself out as having such a right. She/he shall not represent himself/herself as an agent or an employee of the Company.

    5. Obligation for personal promotion

      Regardless of their rank of achievement, Representatives have an ongoing obligation to continue to personally promote sales through the introduction of new Customers to the Company and through servicing their existing Customers.

    6. Obligations to Down lines

      Any SE who introduces another SE to the Company is highly recommended to perform a bona fide assistance and training function to ensure that his/her Down line is properly operating and conducting his/her SE business. It is both to the advantage of Referrers and their Down lines to have ongoing contact and communication.

      SE must truthfully and fairly describe the Compensation Plan. No past, potential or actual income claims may be made to prospective SE. Nor may SE use their own incomes, or other SEs’ incomes, as indication of the success assured to others. Commission shall not be used as marketing materials. Representatives shall not guarantee commissions or estimate expenses to prospects.

    7. Cross Lining

      Subject to sub clause 8.1 and sub clause 8.3, no SE may refer or attempt to refer another SE from a different line of referral ship to ‘switch’ to another line of referral ship. Examples of Cross Lining are:

      1. Placing additional Limo account of his/her own in lines of referral ship not below his/her Primary Limo Account;

      2. Placement of a new SE using anyone’s name known to the Referrer and placing it in lines of referral ship not below the Referrer’s Primary Limo account while intending to profit from the proceeds of the said new SE;

      3. A SE owning an interest in an entity that is a SE in lines of referral ship not below his/her Primary Limo account;

      4. Entering in other lines of referral ship under the same name as an existing SE using a valid SE Identification Number other than the one used previously.

      Any situation (whether the above examples or others) found to be in violation of this sub clause shall be met with the greatest scrutiny and may result in termination of the newly placed Representative, as well as the Representative having instigated the said situation.

    8. 30-Day Non-Compete Clause

      If a SE who attempted and successfully procured a prospective Customer/Representative to sign any written document evidencing that the SE attempted, successfully or unsuccessfully, to refer that prospective Customer/SE to the Company, the prospective Customer/SE shall not within thirty (30) days from the date of the written document register himself/herself under the referral ship of another SE. The Company shall have the right to suspend, terminate or switch the account or Representative ship for any breach of this sub clause.

    9. Obligation of not referring to other programs

      A Representative shall not refer, attempt to refer, or knowingly assist another person to refer, another SE or any person into any other network marketing company or into another SE’s sales organization. In addition, no SE shall participate in any action knowing that participating in the action may cause another SE or any person to be referred through someone else into another network marketing company. SE are strictly prohibited from promoting any competitive services, products and/or business programs. At Company functions, or on all Company property, no SE shall solicit any person to join any other network marketing company or involve the sale of products of any other network marketing company.

      Breach of any part of this clause is a serious breach of the P&P and may lead to the immediate suspension or even termination of the SE of the SE who is in breach.

    10. Breach of security

      All SE have a responsibility to maintain the network integrity of the Company. Any SE who is found ‘hacking’ into or interfering or tampering with the Company’s database or any part of the Company’s computer system (hardware and/or software) or attempting to do any of the aforesaid acts without the proper authorization shall be liable to immediate termination of his/her Representative ship. She/he shall also be liable for all consequential damages and losses of the Company.

    11. Legal compliance

      SE must comply with all laws, statutes, regulations and ordinances concerning the operation of their Representative business.SE are hereby notified that apart from the countries listed on the official website of the Company, the Company does not operate in any other countries or jurisdictions. Should a SE elect to conduct his/her business in a market which the Company does not support, he/she does so on his/her own initiative and at his/her own risk entirely. The SE shall be solely responsible for inquiring into, ascertaining and observing all legal and regulatory requirements in connection with the operation of his/her business in the relevant country (including engaging consultants and advisors to obtain the necessary information and assistance), and the Company shall not be obliged to provide any assistance or support to the SE in relation thereof whatsoever or in the event of any occurrences. Failure to observe and comply with applicable laws, statutes, regulations and ordinances in the performance of a SE’s business constitutes a serious breach of the P&P, and may lead to the immediate suspension or even termination of the Representative ship of the SE who is in breach. She/he shall further be liable for all consequential damages and losses suffered by the Company resulting from his/her violation of this clause.

    12. Tax, expenditures, etc.

      SE is personally responsible for paying local, state, provincial and federal taxes on any income they generate as SE. unless required by laws, regulations or rules in any relevant countries, the Company shall have no obligation to provide tax information about the commissions and/or bonuses it’s SE’s earned on behalf of SEs to any government authorities or to withhold any commissions and/or bonuses for paying its SE’s taxes.

      Any commissions and/or bonuses paid by the Company are gross profits with no taxes of any kind withheld by the Company. If subsequent to payment of commissions and/or bonuses to a SE, the Company is found liable for not withholding tax relating to those commissions and/or bonuses, the Representative shall indemnify the Company for such a liability.

    13. Obligation to the Company

      A SE shall, at all times, remain loyal to the Company and shall not publish any written and/or verbal disparaging or adverse information/statement/s against the Company. She/he shall hold the Company’s management in high esteem at all times, failing which, she/he may be terminated not withstanding that she/he may also be liable for libel or slander.

  5. Commissions and Bonuses
    1. Qualification for commissions and/or bonuses A SE must be active and in compliance with the Agreement, P&P and the Compensation Plan and have paid the Annual Fee to qualify for commissions and/or bonuses. So long as a Representative is entitled under the Compensation Plan to receive commissions and/or bonuses, the Company shall pay commissions and/or bonuses to the SE in accordance with the Compensation Plan. Representatives must consult the Compensation Plan for a detailed explanation of the benefits, commissions and/or bonuses structure and the corresponding requirements. Commissions and/or bonuses are paid ONLY on the sale of the Company’s products. No commission or bonus is paid on the purchase of the Company’s sales materials, literatures, Product Portfolio, or for referring other SEs and/or Customers.

      In order to receive commissions on products sold, Commissions and/or bonuses are calculated for each individual Limo Account

      A SE is entitled to have more than one Limo Account. For details of acquisition of additional accounts and placement of Limo accounts, please see the Compensation Plan as detailed in Appendix 1.

    2. Commission Period

      A Commission Period means the period when commission is calculated and paid based on the preceding day’s sales. It starts from 00:01 until 19:59 each day. However, calculation for commission is calculated daily at the end of each day from Monday to Friday only.

      All transactions or BVs accumulated by or for any SE during Saturday and Sunday shall be considered as if they were accumulated on Monday for all the purposes of calculating commissions and/or bonuses.

    3. Adjustments to commissions and/or bonuses SE receive commissions, bonuses and other benefits under the Compensation Plan based on the actual sales of products and services to Customers. When a product is returned to the Company for a refund or is repurchased by the Company or the transaction is in any way not successfully completed, the commissions, bonuses and/or other benefits attributable to the returned or repurchased product or the unsuccessful transaction will be deducted in the Commission Period in which the refund or repurchase occurs, and continuing every Commission Period thereafter until the commissions, bonuses and/or other benefits are fully recovered from the SE who received commissions and/or bonuses on the sales of the refunded or repurchased product.

      In addition, if the Company has already paid commissions and/or bonuses to a SE for a returned product, the Company shall have the right to request the SE for the return of the said commissions and/or bonuses and the Representative shall have the obligation to return such commissions and/or bonuses to the Company.

    4. Compensation Summary

      The Company reserves the right to charge a processing fee when issuing an electronic or paper Compensation Summary requested by SE.

    5. Payment of commission

      All commissions and/or bonuses that a SE earns will be credited to his/her given local bank Account.

    6. Set off

      The Company shall have the right to set off any debt(s) a SE owes to the Company against his/her commissions and/or bonuses.

  6. Resignation, Suspension and Termination
    1. Resignation

      A SE may voluntarily resign from and/or terminate his/her Representative ship by tendering a thirty (30)-day written notice of such voluntary resignation or termination to the Company. Acceptance of voluntary resignation and/or termination upon the receipt of such notice is at the sole discretion of the Company.”

    2. Suspension

      A SE may be suspended for violating any terms of the Agreement, P&P, the

      Compensation Plan, and/or any other relevant documents produced by the Company. When a decision is made to suspend a SE, the Company will inform the SE in writing of the decision, the effective date of the suspension, the reason(s) for the suspension and the steps necessary to remove such suspension (if any). The suspension notice will be sent to the Representative’s address on file pursuant to the notice provisions contained in the P&P. Such suspension may or may not lead to termination of the SE as so determined by the Company at its sole discretion. If the SE wishes to ask the Company to review the decision, she/he shall make such a request in writing to the Company within fifteen (15) days from the date of the suspension notice. The Company will review and consider the suspension and notify the SE in writing of its decision within thirty (30) days from the date of the receipt of the SE’s written request. The Company will thereafter not further review its own decision. The Company may take certain action(s) during the suspension period, including, but not limited to, the following:

      1. Prohibiting the SE from holding himself as Representative or using any of the Company’s proprietary marks and/or materials;

      2. Withholding and/or forfeiting any commissions and/or bonuses due to the SE;

      3. Prohibiting the SE from purchasing services and products from the Company;

      4. Prohibiting the SE from referring new Representatives, contacting current SEs, or attending meetings of SE;

      5. If the Company, at its sole discretion, determines that the violation that caused the suspension is continuing, and has not satisfactorily been resolved, or a new violation involving the suspended Representative has occurred, the suspended Representative may be terminated.

    3. Termination

      Dependent upon the seriousness of the violation, a SE may be immediately terminated for violating the terms of the Agreement, P&P, Compensation Plan, and/or any other relevant documents produced by the Company. The Company may, at its sole discretion, terminate a violating SE without placing the SE on suspension. When the decision is made to terminate a SE, the Company will inform the SE in writing to the address in the SE’s file that the termination has occurred.

      If a SE wishes to ask the Company to review the decision to terminate, she/he shall make such a request to the Company in writing within fifteen (15) days from the date of notice of termination. If no such request is received by the Company within the fifteen (15) days period, the termination will automatically be deemed final. If a SE files a timely written request, the Company will review the decision and notify the SE of the result of the review within thirty (30) days after receipt of the SE’s request. Thereafter, the Company will not further review its own decision. In the event the termination decision is not reversed, the termination will remain effective as of the date stated in the original termination notice.

    4. Effects of resignation, suspension and termination

      After resignation, the former Representative shall not further represent himself/herself as a SE of the Company, and shall cease to use any materials bearing the trademarks, service marks, trade names and any signs, labels, stationery or advertising referring to or relating to any products, plan or program of the Company. She/he shall have no rights to enjoy any benefits under the Agreement, P&P, and/or the Compensation Plan.

      If a SE is suspended, she/he shall not before the removal of his/her suspension, further represent him/her self or hold himself/herself out as a SE of the Company. Nor shall she/he use any materials bearing the trademarks, service marks, trade names and any signs, labels, stationery or advertising referring to or relating to any products, plan or program of the Company. She/he shall have no rights to enjoy any benefits under the Agreement, P&P and/or the Compensation Plan. But she/he shall be allowed to retain his/her Limo account pending the final resolution of his/her case. Any commissions and/or bonuses payable to him/her should s/he be suspended shall be retained by the Company. If the suspension of the Representative is subsequently removed, all outstanding commissions and/or bonuses may be paid to the Representative at the Company’s sole discretion.

      If a SE is terminated, then immediately upon termination, the terminated SE:

      1. Must remove and permanently discontinue the use of the trademarks, service marks, trade names and any signs, labels, stationery or advertising referring to or relating to any product, plan or program of the Company;

      2. Must cease representing himself/herself as a SE of the Company;

      3. Loses all rights to his/her SE position in the Compensation Plan and to all commissions and earnings payable to him/her by the Company;

      4. Must take all actions reasonably required by the Company relating to protection of the Company’s confidential information. The Company has the right to set off any amounts owed by the Representative to the Company including, without limitation, those incurred pursuant to any indemnity obligation under sub clause 11.15 herein, from commissions and/or bonuses or other compensation due to the SE.

    5. Reapplication

      A SE who resigns or has his/her Representative ship terminated due to nonrenewal of his/her Representative ship may reapply as a new SE, but such reapplication will only be considered twelve (12) months after resignation or termination due to non-renewal. However, a SE who has been terminated due to a violation of the P&P and/or the Code of Ethics as determined by the Company may only re-apply as a SE twelve (12) months from the date of termination, and the acceptance of which will be subject to the approval of the Company.

  7. Transfer of SE
    1. Acquisition of SE
      1. Except as expressly set forth herein, a SE may not sell, assign or otherwise transfer his/her Representative ship (or any rights thereof) to another SE or to any person without written approval of the Company.

      2. The Company will not in general approve an application for selling, assigning or otherwise transferring his/her Representative ship except on very special circumstances to be determined on a case by case basis.

      3. For exceptional cases, the Representative shall send his/her written application to the Company together with the following supporting documents:

      4. the transfer agreement for the transfer of Representative ship which should be duly signed by the transferor and transferee and should contain at least, but is not limited to, information of the identity of both parties, the transfer price and intended date of the transfer;

      5. The consent letter duly signed by the Referrer of the transferor;

      6. A copy of identification documents of the transferor, the transferee and the Referrer of the transferor; and

      7. Any other documents as required by the Company at its sole and entire discretion.

      8. A handling fee shall be charged to the transferor upon an application being made to the Company pursuant to clause 8.01 (c) which is non-refundable whether the application is successful or not.

    2. Circumvent compliance

      If it is determined, at the Company’s sole discretion, that a Representative ship was transferred in an effort to circumvent compliance with the Agreement, the P&P and/or the Compensation Plan, the transfer will be declared null and void. The Company may, at its sole discretion, take appropriate action(s), including, without limitation, terminating the transferring Representative’s Representative ship.

  8. Devolution
    1. Death

      A SE has a right to nominate a person as his/her nominee to whom the Company will transfer the SE’s Representative ship upon the death of the SE. The SE has a right to change his/her nominee in his/her lifetime by giving written notice to the Company. However, the Company will not accept such a transfer unless the nominee or the last nominee has executed a current SE Application Form and submitted certified copies of the death certificate of the SE to the Company. The nominee will then be entitled to take over the Representative ship of the late SE and entitled to all the commissions, bonuses or other benefits accrued thereafter and all the rights, and/or be subject to all the obligations as a SE of the Company. If a SE did not make any nomination in his/her lifetime, his/her SE shall be terminated immediately upon his/her death. Any cross lining as a consequence of the devolution of Representative ship under this clause shall not be treated as a breach of the P&P.

    2. Dissolution of a partnership

      If a Representative ship is registered by two (2) or more persons, they will be deemed as a partnership under the Agreement and the P&P. In the event that the partnership is dissolved, unless the Company receives a valid and legally enforceable agreement signed by all the partners regarding the arrangement of their Representative ship within thirty (30) days of being notified of the dissolution of the partnership, their Representative ship will be automatically terminated after the expiry of the said thirty (30) day period.

    3. Marriage and divorce

      In the case that two (2) Representatives in separate lines of referral ship get married, they may maintain their own individual Representative ship. They are also allowed to merge their Representative ships into one (1) but they are not allowed to transfer or change the positions of their Limo Account in the Genealogy. This shall not be treated as cross lining under sub clause 5.7. should a married couple opt to create a single Representative ship reflecting both as equal owners and these two (2) individuals subsequently divorce or separate, the Company will continue to pay earned commission as before the divorce or separation until the Company receives written notice, signed and notarized by both parties or by a court decree, specifying how future commissions are to be paid.

  9. Proprietary Information
    1. Confidential information

      During the term of the Agreement, the Company may supply to SE confidential information, including, but not limited to, genealogical and Down line reports, Customer lists, Customer information developed by the Company or developed for and on behalf of the Company by SEs (including, but not limited to, credit data, Customer and Representative profiles, and product purchase information), SE lists, manufacturer and supplier information, business reports, commission or sales reports, and such other financial and business information that the Company may designate as confidential. All such information (whether in written or electronic format) is proprietary and confidential to the Company and is transmitted to SEs in strictest confidence on a ‘need-to-know’ basis for use solely in the SEs’ business with the Company.

      SE must use their best efforts to keep such information confidential and must not disclose any such information to any third party, or use such information for any non-Company activity directly or indirectly while a SE and thereafter. Representatives must not use the information to compete with the Company or for any purpose other than promoting the Company’s program and its products and services. Upon determination, nonrenewal or termination of the Agreement, SEs must discontinue the use of such confidential information and promptly return any confidential information in their possession to the Company.

    2. Online and telephonic reports

      Upon a SE’s request, the Company may provide information such as online or telephonic down line activity reports, including, but not limited to, personal and group sales volume (or any part thereof), and down line referring activity, to the SE. Nevertheless, due to any of the various factors, including but not limited to the inherent possibility of human and mechanical error; information technology failures; the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of orders; denial of credit card and electronic cheque payments; returned products; and credit card and electronic cheque charge-backs; the information and/or the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, timeliness or otherwise thereof is not guaranteed by the Company or any persons creating or transmitting the information.

    3. Use of Company name, logo, or trade names, etc.
      1. The Company name, logo, trade name, trademarks, product names, brochures, catalogues, sales material, contracts and sales training sessions, literature, audio or video material, presentations or events are copyright-protected property of the Company worldwide and the Company retains ownership rights or exclusive licenses to the entire contents.

      2. SE shall not reproduce or distribute privately reproduced versions of such materials under any circumstances. Representatives shall not use the Company name, logo, trade name, trademarks, program names, or product names in any manner or form.

      3. Naming Protection Reserved by the Company. In addition to any relevant intellectual property laws, the following list of names are also reserved and restricted from use by SE in their SE activities: Limo clicks, Limo Plantation Ltd, Limo Construction Ltd, Limo Club, Limo Knowledge centre and all other name of companies under the Limo Group. These names are also prohibited from use by SEs in relation to their SE business activities on their personal website and/or email addresses.

    4. Copyright restrictions

      With respect to product purchases from the Company, SE must abide by all manufacturers’ use restrictions and copyright protections. Without prior written approval from the Company, no SE shall video and/or audio record the Company’s meetings, conferences and/or training sessions or any speeches (including conference calls) given therein.

    5. Vendor confidentiality

      The Company’s business relationships with its vendors, manufacturers and suppliers are confidential. SEs must not contact, directly or indirectly, or speak to, or communicate with any supplier or manufacturer of the Company except at the Company-sponsored events at which the supplier or manufacturer is present at the request of the Company.

  10. Promotion of SE's Business
    1. Promotional and advertising materials

      Only the promotional and advertising materials produced or approved in advance in writing by the Company may be used to advertise or promote a SE’s business or to sell products and services of the Company. Company literature and materials may not be duplicated, reprinted or personalized without prior written permission.

      All promotional items that bear the Company’s name or logo must be purchased solely from the Company unless prior written permission is obtained from the Company.

      A SE may affix his/her name, address, Sales Executive title, phone number and SE Identification Number to any promotional materials that the Company approved or sold to him/her.

    2. Income claims

      No income projections, including those based solely on mathematical projections or ‘ideal projections’ of the Compensation Plan may be made to prospective Sales Executive.

      No Sales Executive may represent his/her own incomes as indications of the success assured to others, since income success is dependent on many variables. SEs shall not guarantee salaries, draws, expenses, allowances, etc. No Independent SE shall show or display an original or a copy of his/her earned commission or bonus cheque as enticement to any prospective SE.

    3. Title of SE

      SEs shall only present themselves as “an SE of the Company”. Reference may be made to the relative rank a SE achieved at any one time, for example a Sales Manager.

    4. Stationery and business cards
      1. Only the approved Company graphics version and wording are permitted to be used.

      2. Unless prior approval has been obtained from the Legal Affairs Department of the Company, SE are not permitted to ‘create’ their own stationery, business cards or letterhead graphics, where the Company’s trade name or trademarks are used.

      3. SE are not allowed to insert the address, contact phone number or emails of any office of the Company or its associated companies in their business cards, stationery or letterheads.

    5. Electronic advertising

      SE may not advertise or promote the Company’s business, products or marketing plan or use the Company’s name in any public media including electronic media or transmission on the Internet via websites or otherwise, without the prior written approval of the Company’s legal department. Upon obtaining such approval, SE are required to comply with the Social Media Policy. Spamming and use of automatic telephone dialing systems are prohibited. Breach of this clause is a serious breach of the P&P and could lead to the immediate suspension or even termination of the Representative ship of the Representative who is in breach.

    6. Telephone listing

      SEs are not permitted to use the Company’s trade name in advertising their telephone and telecopy numbers on materials not produced and approved by the Company without first obtaining the prior written approval from the Company’s Legal Affairs Department.

    7. Media interviews

      Representatives are prohibited from granting radio, television, newspaper, tabloid or magazine, interviews or using public appearances, public speaking engagements, or making any type of statement to the public media to publicize the Company, its products or Company businesses, without the express prior written approval of the Company. All media enquiries should be referred to the Company’s Hong Kong Office, Corporate Affairs Department.

    8. Endorsement

      No endorsements by a Company officer or administrator or third party may be asserted, except as expressly communicated in the Company literature and communication. Country, Federal and State regulatory agencies do not approve or endorse direct selling programs. Therefore, Representatives shall not represent or imply, directly or indirectly, that the Company’s programs, products or services have been approved or endorsed by any country or governmental agency.

    9. Independent communication

      Representatives, as independent contractors, are encouraged to distribute information and direction to their respective Down lines. However, Representatives must identify and distinguish between their personal communication and the official communication of the Company when they communicate with their own Down lines.

    10. Display of Company products

      The integrity of the Compensation Plan is built upon person-to-person, one-on-one and in-door presentation methods of sale. SE shall not knowingly sell any Company product to or display any Company product, Company name, trademarks, literatures, or promotional materials at any retail outlet, including, but not limited to, supermarkets or food stores, flea markets or swap meets, permanent restaurant displays, bars or nightclubs, or any such similar establishment, convenience stores or gas stations. Exemptions must be approved in writing by the Legal Affairs Department of the Company.

      SEs may promote the Compensation Plan at their office, fairs and trade shows on the condition that it is not shown or displayed with any other plan associated with any direct selling company or networking company.

    11. Product and services claims

      SE shall make no claim, representation or warranty concerning any product of the Company, except those expressly approved in advance in writing by the Company or contained in official Company materials, such as P&P.

    12. Fax blasts and spamming

      Fax blasting and unsolicited emailing (spamming) is prohibited.

    13. Record keeping

      The Company encourages all SE to keep complete and accurate records of all their business dealings.

    14. Legal conformity

      Any tool or presentation technique used by a SE whilst promoting the Company’s business concept, products and/or the Compensation Plan must be within the scope of a SE’s rights in his/her respective country/state/providence. It is the Representative’s responsibility to ensure that any statements made, or any demonstration techniques performed are in fact, lawfully permitted in his/her country/state/providence. If a special license or professional degree is required in a certain location to legally make such statements or perform such presentations, or to conduct business, then it is the SE’s responsibility to secure the necessary license, degree or permit.

    15. Indemnity agreement

      Each and every SE shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense including, but not limited to, court costs and attorneys’ fees, asserted against or suffered or incurred by any of them, directly or indirectly arising out of or in any way related to or connected with allegedly or otherwise, the SE’s:

      1. Activities as Representative;

      2. Breach of the terms of the Agreement;

      3. Violation of or failure to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or rules.

  11. General Provisions
    1. Company’s employee prohibition

      Employees of the Company and their immediate family members (for example spouse, mother, Father, brother, sister, etc.) Who are domiciled at the same household as the employee is prohibited to take part in the Compensation Plan. Breach of this policy shall be deemed serious, and could result in the dismissal of the employee and the removal of his/her entire network to the credit of the Company. SE being transferred to a paid position or taking up an employment with the Company shall, prior to their acceptance of the employment or paid position file ownership transfer notice to the Company and give up their ownership rights and privileges of their Limo Account.

    2. Liability

      SE ‘s agree and acknowledge that they are making use of the Company’s websites, services, software, functions, information, applications and tools (herein after referred to collectively as the “Services”) at their own risk, and that the Services are provided “AS IS” “AS AVAILABLE” “WITH ALL FAULTS” without any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, Including without limitation, that the Services will be provided uninterrupted and continuously at all times. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be liable for, and each SE releases the Company from, and waives all claims for any loss of profits, indirect, direct, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages or any other losses and/or damages whatsoever incurred or suffered by SE as a result of:

      1. The breach by another SE of his/her Agreement, any Term or Condition of the P&P, and/or the Compensation Plan;

      2. The operation of other SEs’ business;

      3. Any inadvertent, incorrect or wrong data or information provided by the Company;

      4. The Company’s failure to maintain complete and accurate records of SEs’ Business dealings;

      5. Any system, server or connection failure, breach of security, error, tampering, Unauthorized intervention, fraud, deletion, defect, omission, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, bug or other malicious, destructive or corrupting code, agent program or macros, or any other technical or other malfunction;

      6. SEs’ access, use or inability to access or use the Services

      7. The Company’s failure to provide any information or data necessary SE to operate their business, including, without limitation, the marketing and promoting of products of the Company and/or the introducing or referring of persons as Customers/SEs to the Company, regardless of whether the Company has been advised or should have been aware of the possibility of such losses and/or damages. In the event any of the above exclusion on remedies, damages or liability is prohibited or restricted by law, and the Company is held liable to any Representative for any reason, the Representative shall limit the liability of the Company to the Representative for any and all losses, damages, costs (including attorneys’ fees), expenses, claims, demands, suits, actions, proceedings, orders or judgments whatsoever, so that the total aggregate liability of the Company to the Representative shall not exceed the sum of Rs.500,000.00.

    3. Force majeure

      The Company shall not be responsible for delays or failure in performance caused by circumstances beyond the Company’s control, such as strikes, labor difficulties, fire, floods, earthquakes, Acts of God and other natural disasters, war, government decrees or orders, information technology (including hardware and software) failures arising out of zero-day vulnerabilities or curtailment of a party’s usual source of supply.

    4. Violations

      It is the obligation of every Representative to abide by and maintain the integrity of the P&P. If a Representative observes another Representative committing a violation, s/he should discuss the violation directly with the violating Representative. If the SE wishes to report such violation to the Company, she/he should detail the violation in writing or complete the Company’s Complaint Form, which is downloadable from the official Company website

    5. Amendments

      The Company reserves the right to amend/change the P&P, its retail prices, products and services availability, and/or the Compensation Plan at any time without prior notice as it deems appropriate. Amendments will be communicated to SEs through official Company publications or the Company website at www.limoplusinternational.com. Amendments are effective and binding upon submission to the Company website. In the event any conflict exists between the original documents or policies and any such amendment, the amendment shall prevail.

    6. Assignment / Novation / Transfer

      The Company may at any time, without the consent of the SE, assign, novate or transfer all or part of its benefit, rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party and the Representative undertakes to execute and do all such things as the Company may require for perfecting and completing such assignment, novation or transfer.

    7. Non-waiver provision

      No failure of the Company to exercise any power under the P&P or to insist upon strict compliance by Representative with any obligation or provision herein, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the P&P, shall constitute a waiver of the Company’s right to demand exact compliance with the Agreement and/or the P&P.

      The Company’s waiver of any particular default by a Representative shall not affect or impair the Company’s rights with respect to any subsequent default. Nor shall it affect in any way the rights or obligations of any other SE. No delay or omission by the Company to exercise any right arising from a default affect or impair the Company’s rights as to that or any subsequent or future default. Waiver by the Company can be affected only in writing by an authorized officer of the Company.

    8. Governing law

      The Agreement, the P&P and the Compensation Plan shall be governed by the laws of Sri Lanka

    9. Jurisdiction and Arbitration

      Any dispute, controversy or claim arising from or in connection with the Agreement, the P&P and/or the Compensation Plan or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof (herein after referred to as the “Matter”) shall first be sought to be resolved amicably between the Representative concerned and the Company.

      If the Representative and the Company cannot resolve the Matter within sixty (60) days from the date the Matter was first brought to the attention by one party to the other, the Matter shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration administered by the Sri Lanka Arbitration law. Rules in force when the notice of Arbitration is submitted.

    10. Entire Agreement

      The Agreement, the P&P and the Compensation Plan together constitute the entire Agreement between a SE and the Company.

    11. Severability

      If at any time any provision of the Agreement and/or P&P is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under the law of any jurisdiction, neither the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement and/or P&P under the law of that or any other jurisdiction, nor the legality, validity or enforceability of such provision under the law of any other jurisdiction shall in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

    12. Notices and communication

      Each notice, demand or other communication to be given or made under the Agreement, the P&P and/or the Compensation Plan by the Company to a SE shall be in writing and delivered or sent to the relevant party at his/her last known address or email address designated by the SE and recorded in the file. Any notice, demand or other communication to the Company shall be sent or delivered to the Company at its office in Kandy Sri Lanka or by email to limoplusinternational@gmail.com Any notice, demand or other communication so addressed to the relevant party physically shall be deemed to have been delivered after fifteen (15) days it is given or made, provided that, if such day is not a working 24 day in the place to which it is sent, such notice, demand or other communication shall be deemed delivered on the next following working day at such place. In the event of such notice, demand or communication is sent by email, it shall be deemed to have been received by the other party when the email enters the recipient’s mail server without any undelivered message sent back to the sender.

    13. Headings and Table of Contents

      Headings and Table of Contents in the Agreement, the P&P and the Compensation Plan are provided for convenience only and they are not part of those documents. They are not to serve as a basis for interpretation or construction of those documents or as evidence of intention of the parties.

    14. Gender, etc.

      Unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular number shall include the plural number and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine or neuter gender and vice versa, and references to persons shall include companies and bodies, corporate or unincorporated.

    15. English Language Prevails

      In the event that the Policies & Procedures (“P&P”) is translated into another language and there exists any inconsistencies in any provision between the English-language version and the translated version of the P&P, the English-language version shall always prevail.